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When thinking about traveling to Kanchanaburi, many people associate it with nature and history tourism, such as visiting various waterfalls like Erawan Waterfall, Sai Yok Waterfall, or historical sites like the Bridge over the River Kwai. Taking a train ride along the Death Railway route is also a popular choice. Today, ThailandCONNEX invites you to try a different, fun activity in Kanchanaburi with ATV Kungkwaenoi, one of the participating businesses in ThailandCONNEX.

ATV เมืองกาญ

Many have had the opportunity to experience off-road driving or ATV riding and have found it to be captivating. Exploring the terrain, going up hills, descending into valleys, passing through rocks, and overcoming obstacles without fear provides enjoyment, excitement, and challenges for the driver. For ATV Kungkwaenoi, it is an ATV riding area located in Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi, situated amidst lush nature and offering a complete off-road experience. Part of the route even runs along the River Kwai, allowing you to enjoy both the thrill of driving and the beautiful scenery. The ATV facility offers various types of vehicles, including regular ATVs, ones suitable for children, and even Buggy cars that focus on speed. It caters to everyone of all ages, whether you go alone or with your family.

ขับ ATV

For those who visit for sightseeing and family activities without wanting to drive, the facility offers other activities. These include archery, with bows suitable for both children and adults, Replica gun, or simply walking around the gardens and enjoying the lush nature of the area.

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For those interested in trying it out or seeking more information, feel free to contact them at

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