The Dream Destination of Millions
Thailand The World's Best Travel Destination

Thailand has gained a global reputation as a renowned destination for travelers. Its exceptional
attributes, such as its geographical location, climate, diverse tourist attractions, both natural and
man-made, rich cultural traditions, culinary delights, and the warm and friendly hospitality of the
Thai people, have made it an iconic destination that leaves a lasting impression on visitors from all
walks of life.

However, there is still a gap in terms of Thai people benefiting from and actively participating in the
abundant opportunities available. This can be attributed to the lack of an effective driving
mechanism and the rapid technological advancements that have occurred over the past decade.

. Tourism Supply Chain . Tourism Supply Chain

National Tourism Platform to Help and Elevate Thai Tourism Operators

ThailandCONNEX is a government-supported platform aimed at promoting and revitalizing the Thai tourism industry after the COVID-19 crisis. It supports partners and tourism operators in transforming themselves through the utilization of digital technology to enhance competitiveness and elevate the country's potential beyond its current state.

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