Paying respects, asking for blessings to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit as a source of good fortune. For this purpose, many people often visit various temples and shrines, which may require planning and time. If you wish to pay respects to multiple deities at various places, you may not know that in Bangkok, there is a single road that offers a plethora of sacred sites for us to visit and pay respects. ThailandConnex present..."Rachaprasong" road.

This road holds many stories from various news and historical events in our country. But for those seeking merit and spiritual fulfillment, this road is considered a sacred route. Let's explore the sacred entities awaiting our visit and veneration.

Blessing at Rachaprasong

  • Phra Phrom, Erawan Shrine Grand Hyatt Erawan: This deity, also known as the Four-Faced Buddha, is well-known and serves as a landmark in this area. As the deity ruling the upper direction, Phra Phrom has the power to control the destiny of every individual. Paying respects and requesting blessings from Phra Phrom will lead to success in your endeavors. People often seek blessings related to work achievements, career advancements, or new opportunities. It is essential to pay homage to Phra Phrom in all four directions, covering work, finances, love, and overall well-being. Worshippers typically offer fragrant flowers and refrain from offerings made from animal products.

  • Phra Phikhanesuan, CentralWorld: This Hindu deity holds a special place in the hearts of many Thais. The belief is that asking for any favor that is not beyond the precepts of Buddhism will lead to success and fulfillment of desires. Phra Phikhanesuan is considered the deity of the universe, influencing various aspects of life, including education, work, finances, and love. Devotees often seek help to overcome obstacles and solve various problems. For offerings, devotees usually present items in red and pink hues, such as apples, lotus flowers, and pink milk..

  • Phra Mae Lakshmi, 4-Faced Brahma Phim, Gaysorn Plaza: With a profound devotion to the true love and stability symbolized by the divine, Phra Mae Lakshmi is often revered by those who seek genuine and steadfast love. Apart from gold, worshippers offer fragrant jasmine garlands and elephant dolls as offerings to the goddess.

  • Phra Tri Murti (or Phra Siva 5 Shiva), CentralWorld: Though many believe the deity in question to be Phra Tri Murti, experts suggest it represents Phra Siva 5 Shiva, Pangpunanat (Paŋpunaŋat) or Phra Satthiwa, the Hindu god known for curing diseases and providing protection. There is no reference to a Phra Tri Murti with 5 faces in any scripture or literature. Nevertheless, people still come to seek love as usual. The statue of Phra Tri Murti, as it is referred to by many, can be found at Phra Sri Maha Uma Devi Pagoda, located at Empire tower in Sathorn, Bangkok.

  • Phra Inthar, Amarin Plaza: Phra Inthar is considered the king of all deities and is the first deity of Brahmanism-Hinduism. People believe that Phra Inthar has the power to control the weather, thus making it popular among farmers who seek abundant harvests. Moreover, people believe Phra Inthar can help with competitions and education. If you are a student or someone preparing for competitions, it is recommended to visit and seek blessings from Phra Inthar to improve your chances of success. Devotees often offer stars and elephant dolls as a form of veneration.

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