Camping might not be the first choice for many travelers due to the need for extensive preparation, including tents, ingredients, and cooking equipment. The journey into the woods might not be easy, and the facilities might not be ready for living and daily use.
However, once everything is set up, after the exhaustion, the rewards often fill the efforts. When you have time to sit comfortably, enjoy a cup of coffee, admire the surrounding landscape, inhale the scent of nature, breathe clean air, and share this special time with companions on the trip, these are the things that keep camping enthusiasts always engaged and never bored with this style of travel. Today, ThailandConnex recommends camping destinations that are guaranteed to reward all the effort put into preparation.

Doi Sa Ngo, Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai. A camping spot with a panoramic view of three countries - Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. The scene is complemented by the Mekong River and the high points of Chiang Saen, Mae Chan, and Mae Sai communities. In winter, the cool morning allows for viewing the sea of mist and witnessing the sunrise. During the night, you can gaze at the starry sky. If you visit during November - December, you can also see the blooming fields of Chrysanthemum.

Pang Ung, Mueang, Mae Hong Son. Part of the Pang Ung National Park, this place is filled with pine trees and the cold air that earns it the nickname "Switzerland of Thailand." Waking up in the morning in your tent to the cool air, beautiful mist, and the serene backdrop of the reservoir, it's a day that starts beautifully.

Phu Tab Berk, Lom Kao, Phetchabun. Here, you can see both stars in the sky and stars on the ground. The clear night sky features stars that are vividly visible, and the altitude of over 1,447 meters above sea level provides a stunning view of city lights from below. During the winter, you can enjoy the sea of mist in the morning, almost all day long, and in addition, during May - July and October - December, you can witness the cabbage fields that enhance the unique and captivating scenery here.

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