This winter, ThailandCONNEX invites you to experience the cool weather, savor delicious food, and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at a uniquely distinctive restaurant from its appearance to its name. It is the new destination for travelers heading to Khao Yai—Mother Say No.

Mother Say No is a three-floor level restaurant beneath a bamboo architecture designed by a team of architects who have previously showcased their craftsmanship at large lifestyle festivals like Wonderfruit. The restaurant features a tranquil garden and a beautiful waterfall. The name "Mother Say No" comes from the idea that when we want to try something new or think outside the box, our mothers are always concerned and cautioned. The word "no" is something mothers often say to their children. When there is an intention to open a restaurant of this size, the mother's concern becomes ordinary. Thus, "Mother Say No" becomes the name of the restaurant.

As for the food, the restaurant offers a complete range, including Thai and international dishes, as well as fusion cuisine. This extends to desserts, pastries, and freshly baked goods every day. The beverages cover a wide variety, and you can also purchase them to enjoy at home. In short, Mother Say No is a one-stop shop for a complete range of cuisines, making it a perfect place to visit for all your dining needs.


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