travel with mom

Approaching another important day, Mother's Day, on August 12th, every year is National Mother's Day in Thailand. Do you have any plans to take your mother somewhere for a trip? If not, we have a One Day Trip near Bangkok to recommend. Let's see where you can take your mother for a nice outing.

Ayutthaya, not far from Bangkok, offers numerous tourist attractions, especially temples and ancient sites. For those who want to bring their mothers to pay respects and seek blessings, we recommend Wat Phanan Choeng. Pay homage to Luang Pho To the giant Buddha statue measuring 14 meters wide and 19 meters tall. It is the largest standing Buddha statue in Ayutthaya and is highly revered by the people. This temple holds great historical significance and is considered one of the oldest and most venerable temples in Ayutthaya.

Nakhon Nayok is a great destination for mothers who enjoy waterfalls and nature. This province has many  natural attractions, particularly its waterfalls. One famous waterfall is Sarika Waterfall, a beautiful cascade with 9 tiers flowing down from a height of 200 meters. The surrounding area is lush and shady, perfect for picnics and relaxation on a day off. Bring your mother here to listen to the soothing sounds of nature amidst the beautiful landscape.

Chonburi, the seaside, is a place loved by people of all ages and genders. Watching the sunset, feeling the sea. Many families bring their children to the beach. This time, why not bring your mother for a nostalgic trip back to the seaside? You can't miss Chonburi province, known for both Bangsaen and Pattaya beaches. Relax by the sea breeze, especially enjoyable in the evenings. Across the beach, you'll find numerous restaurants and cafes. Treat your mother to dinner as the sun sets.

Samut Prakan, the nearest Bangkok. If you don't want to drive too far, we recommend this place. Visit the flock of white seagulls flying by the seaside at Bang Pu, along with the Bang Pu Recreation Center. Bring food for the seagulls and capture beautiful photos. The best time for this is during the evening, especially when the sun is setting, creating exceptional photo opportunities.


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