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Even though the rainy season is a time when many people don't often plan vacations or trips, the wet and humid atmosphere can create a special ambiance for travel. If it's not raining heavily or there's no strong storm, you can still travel during the rainy season. Here, we have a checklist of 5 things to prepare for your rainy season travels to ensure a smooth journey.

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Plan Your Trip: Check the destination to determine how to get there, the weather conditions on your travel day, and any factors to be cautious about or any changes needed. This will help you allocate enough time for your journey or identify routes to avoid in case of heavy rain.

Check Your Car: Another important thing to do every time you travel, especially on long journeys, is to inspect your vehicle. During the upcoming rainy season, pay special attention to windshield wipers, headlights and taillights, turn signals and most importantly, check your car tires. Examine tire pressure and tread wear, as worn tires can lead to accidents, especially in rainy conditions.

Clothing and Footwear: Choose clothing that is comfortable to wear, made of lightweight, quick-drying fabric. Avoid thick clothing to prevent it from getting soaked in the rain. Select sneakers or shoes with good traction that can grip the ground effectively instead of flip-flops, especially if you plan to hike in the mountains. This will help prevent slipping during your walk, particularly for those heading to the forested hills.

Rain Gear: Another essential item during the upcoming rainy season is rain gear, whether it's an umbrella, a raincoat, a hat, or a waterproof pouch. These items allow you to continue your journey even if it's not heavily raining. It's recommended to choose high-quality gear for durability during use.

nspect Accommodation: In the case of traveling, whether it's to the forest or the sea, it's advisable to check the conditions at your accommodation to ensure it's safe for relaxation. For example, in natural settings, check if there are any hazards like waterfalls with strong currents, flash floods, or potential landslides. If you're staying by the sea, be aware of any incoming storms, and it's essential to inspect the conditions before checking in.

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