For nature lovers who enjoy tranquility and a relaxed atmosphere but may not have time to travel to faraway provinces, go trekking, or camping. So, engaging in activities like reading books, listening to music, enjoying the breeze, and admiring the view in public parks can be an interesting alternative. Today, let ThailandConnex introduce you to "Suan Seri Thai" (Thai Freedom Park).

Suan Seri Thai, formerly known as "Suan Nam Bueng Koom," is a large public park located at SahakornVillage, Seri Thai Road, Bung Kum district, Bangkok. It covers an area of approximately 350 acres. In the year 1995, members of the Thai Freedom Movement requested a part of the Suan Nam Bueng Koom to be designated as the "Suan Seri Thai" and a formal opening ceremony was held on September 2, 1995.

Later, on August 16, 1997, at the 52nd anniversary of the end of World War II, Mr. Dusit Phanomyong, the successor of the leader of the Thai Freedom Movement, along with his colleagues, proposed to change the name of Suan Nam Bueng Koom to "Suan Seri Thai" as a commemoration of the Thai Freedom Movement and held an official opening ceremony.

Inside the park, there are three parts of the forest garden: "Suan Pa Thawee Sukh," "Suan Pa Rom Sai," and "Suan Pa Charoenkan." The park also features a unique water park, resting pavilions, playgrounds, and public fitness areas that everyone can enjoy free of charge.


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