Bangkok, the capital city, from a high angle, blends the cityscape, treetops, and waterways seamlessly. It showcases its unique and distinctive beauty. To experience such a view without the assistance of equipment and technology, one must find a location with sufficient height. Today, city dwellers don't have to go far. ThailandCONNEX takes you up to the tallest building in Bangkok, the Mahanakhon Tower, to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city..

Located in the Silom area, it feels like being at the heart of Bangkok, allowing us to see the entire city in 360 degrees. While traffic might not be enjoyable due to the central location, the BTS Skytrain can drop you off right in front of the building at the Chong Nonsi station.

Ride the fastest elevator in Southeast Asia, taking you to the 74th floor in just 50 seconds. Discover the indoor observation deck with a 360-degree view in a spacious hall equipped with panoramic windows. Take it a step further by going up to the 78th floor with the Skywalk, an outdoor observation point at 314 meters high. Experience walking on a glass floor at 310 meters, suitable for thrill-seekers. Take photos while standing on the glass floor above Bangkok and enjoy the views from the high edges of the sky. Visitors are required to wear shoe covers and refrain from bringing items that may cause damage to the glass floor, such as mobile phones or keychains. You can take photos on the designated photography spots only.

Relax and unwind at the viewing point with cool and refreshing drinks from the bar on the 78th floor. If you're ready for an impressive experience, feel free to inquire for more information today.

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The Thai government's initiative, ThailandCONNEX, aims to be another platform for connecting and promoting communication among Thai citizens. It serves as an additional channel to facilitate interaction and accessibility, surpassing the previous limitations. This development has made it easier than ever to connect and access information and resources in Thailand.