Where to go, when to go, and how much is the budget? Nowadays, many people may not plan their trips themselves because technology and various innovations surround us and are already part of our daily lives. For the initial stage of traveling everywhere, every trip, ThailandCONNEX would like to suggest essential equipment that you should have, which may make your trip even more special.

      The mobile phone or smartphone can be considered as the 5th factor or the 33rd organ of our bodies in the present era. The more technology advances, the more functions this device can perform. I believe everyone already knows the general benefits of using this device. Let's further discuss how this device can be useful for travel and tourism.

เที่ยวทุกที่ เทคทุกทริป

  • The camera has been continuously developed to the point where some mobile phone cameras are almost comparable to actual big cameras. They have numerous filters and can even capture videos. This makes this gadget ready to instantly capture and preserve your memorable moments and impressive events.

  • Maps You don't have to carry large maps anymore, making it inconvenient to carry and use. Just enter the destination you want to go to, and your phone is ready to navigate you to almost any tourist destination. Furthermore, you can also bookmark your favorite places or add other interesting tourist destinations as well.

  • Travel Application - Find Trips, Book Flights, Reserve Hotels. There are numerous applications available that cater to your travel needs. These applications provide various services that can be accessed instantly through your mobile phone. With just a few taps on your phone, you can accomplish everything.

  • Search engines provide access to various stories, unique features, recommended practices, or even specific rules about different tourist destinations. You can search for this information to prepare yourself before traveling.

  • Social media allows you to share and distribute your most impressive moments instantly with people you know and love, using various social media platforms available on smartphones. This includes the ability to have video calls and engage in conversations directly.

The Thai government's initiative, ThailandCONNEX, aims to be another platform for connecting and promoting communication among Thai citizens. It serves as an additional channel to facilitate interaction and accessibility, surpassing the previous limitations. This development has made it easier than ever to connect and access information and resources in Thailand.