Entering EP.3 for equipment and gadgets that travel enthusiasts like us often enjoy carrying during our journeys. ThailandConnex believe that who have these items will not forget to bring them on their trips for sure.

Camera - an essential tool to capture good memories through photos or videos. If we go back to EP.1, smartphones can serve this purpose well, both for taking photos and shooting videos. However, when it comes to emotions, image quality, or context of use, different cameras can excel because they are specifically designed for such purposes.

Currently, cameras come in various formats to cater to diverse needs. Let's take a look.

  • Film Camera - Even though there are modern cameras of various types nowadays, film cameras still provide a classic feeling in terms of the usage process, steps after shooting, developing the film, and the special emotions and light they deliver that other cameras cannot replicate.

  • Polaroid Camera - It shares similarities with film cameras but allows you to get the photo immediately after capturing it. It produces portable pictures, both in terms of the camera itself and the developed images, providing a unique experience as well.

  • Digital Camera - This type of camera offers the most versatility in today's world. It combines ease of use, the instant availability of pictures, and the ability to use or edit them right away. Furthermore, it delivers high-quality images and sharpness, and you can adjust colors and lighting even before taking the photo. Additionally, one shot can yield dozens or even hundreds of pictures, each of which can be further categorized, such as DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and more.

  • Action Camera - Designed for adventurous individuals engaged in fun activities, which may involve impact and movement. This camera type fulfills the requirements for rugged and versatile use, with easy portability and additional accessories to prevent delays or difficulties during action-packed adventures. Current technology has further enhanced the capabilities of action cameras, including image and video stabilization, improved image clarity, and more.

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