About traveling, as we have discussed many times before, require a variety of factors to come together. These factors include personal readiness, the destination, and many others. What we can control and plan for are mainly our own factors, primarily health, time, and budget. If any one of these is not ready, the trip may not be complete or may not happen in the end.
VR travel
Today, technology helps address and mitigate some of the factors that we may lack or lose for travel. For today, ThailandCONNEX introduces technology that allows you to travel even when some factors may not be ready, and that technology is Virtual Reality (VR).
VR program
VR, or Virtual Reality, is a technology that has been around for a while, and it may not need much explanation. However, it continues to be developed in terms of image realism, smoothness of display, and the addition of various details. Today, we introduce VR that will take you on a journey to the 'Li-Pe Island Travel Community,' developed by the A360 Reality Capture Partner team, with the support of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa).
Let's get to know Li-Pe Island a bit more before embarking on this journey with us. Li-Pe Island is located in the Satun province and is known for its natural beauty, with stunning bays and soft sandy beaches. It boasts prominent beaches like Pattaya Beach and Bandaya Beach. The people of Li-Pe Island are ready to welcome you, offering accommodations, fresh seafood, and local products. Moreover, they are eager to let you experience the island life alongside them.

After traveling with us through VR, if you're ready and want to know more about this place, pack your bags and embark on a real journey to Li-Pe Island when everything is ready and you're fully prepared.


We would like to thank A360 Reality Capture Partner for this valuable travel experience. 🙇"

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